These resources will help you learn how to skate figures.

Online groups and websites

This is not an exhaustive list of books. There are many, many older skating books that cover figures. This is a selection of some of the most current and relevant works and a few that have stood the test of time; a couple address English-style skating, which is related to figures but not quite the same thing. Bookfinder is a good place to find out-of-print books.

Videos and DVDs
  • Gloudeman, Emma. 2019. Video Figure Guide. Roseville, CA: self-published. Demonstrations of all the figures done on roller skates—including some that are not on the ISU schedule of compulsory figures for ice.
  • Kelly, Karen Courtland. 2009. Figure Eights: The Life Force of Figure Skating. Lake Placid: Peak Edge Performance, Inc. Also available for iPad: Part 1, Part 2, Part 3. Demonstrations of all the compulsory figures on the ISU schedule.
  • Miller, Diane and David Santee. 2016. Fundamentals of Figures. Cold Spring, MN: Professional Skaters Association.